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Photo of Andrea Brannock Childbirth Educator and Birth Doula from Texas

I am a single mother to my three beautiful daughters and two handsome boys. I have always had a passion for pregnancy and birth but didn’t know I had options with my first two pregnancies. With my third pregnancy, I finally had the education I had been looking for and chose midwifery for my care. My third baby was born at home and it completely changed my life. Ever since that incredible experience, I have wanted to share my knowledge with others so that they, too, can experience the power behind having an educated birth. As a doula I have seen the difference childbirth education can make in every birth experience. I am beyond excited to share this wonderful curriculum with my students as well as my doula clients.

Birth Boot Camp Classes

Birth Boot Camp is committed to training couples in natural birth and breastfeeding through accessible, contemporary education. Birth Boot Camp classes are for couples, moms AND dads. You’ll learn to work together to bring your baby into this world as a team.

Online Classes

Birth Boot Camp offers online classes in addition to live classes. A live class is always preferred, but if your schedule is just too hectic to accommodate a live class, the online class option is great! To register for our ten class online series, click here.

Birth Boot Camp Doulas

As a doula, I provide emotional and physical support during your labor and birth. My goal is to help you and your partner achieve the birth that you want. I not only offer you unlimited support during your labor and birth, but I also offer my knowledge to you during your pregnancy.