Pregnancy During a Pandemic: Covid-19

How do you prepare and stay safe while pregnant during a pandemic?

Congrats you’re positive! (for pregnancy, not coronavirus), a life is growing inside of you!  There is no greater joy or magic than a woman carrying a child.  That excitement is usually followed quickly by fear, stress, and anxiety.  Suddenly you are responsible for another life and everything that comes with pregnancy and birth. 

Now, add a pandemic and that anxiety takes on a new level.  When you google search covid-19 and pregnancy, it generates some alarming results. As an expectant parent you already feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Do yourself a favor momma and stop the google search!  There is a world of unknowns out there and living with stress and fear doesn’t help you or your baby.

Coronavirus can be serious but there is no need to live in fear.  Focus on what you are in control of; have a birth plan, be informed!  I am here to tell you a few things that I share with my clients on the subject.

Adore Birth Services tips for pregnancy in a pandemic:
Take care of yourself:

  • Wash your hands, wear your mask, don’t touch your face, and consult your provider or a birth services expert on techniques to reduce stress or anxiety.

Be Educated:

The way to reduce anxiety is to be educated.  Understanding the birth process is important. 

  • Communicate with your hospital and provider.
  • Know your support system (spouse, doula, etc.)
  • Find out what protocols and procedures your hospital or provider have for your delivery and covid.
  • Be flexible, be positive. 

Fears are less likely to arise if you are prepared! We have to honor and hear our fears and worries to move past them. Education and preparation does that.  So fear not momma, you can move forward to experience a beautiful pregnancy and birth.  You just need to be educated and have a support system.  

I would love to discuss this more with you or help you prepare for your birth with birth classes or support… Contact me today and we can start educating and easing your fears.