Virtual Birth Support

Andrea Brannock - Virtual Childbirth Education and Doula Services Texas

I am so excited to announce that I am now offering Virtual Birth Boot Camp Childbirth Classes and Doula Services!

Due to the ever changing situation in our world right now I am now offering virtual/distance options to help support you and your growing family!

During these virtual hybrid classes you will get access to professionally filmed online classes and weekly virtual community gatherings with me (Andrea) and your classmates where you can share ideas, hear & ask questions, and build relationships. 

Below are some amazing options for a virtual education & support!

**If you hire me for both virtual doula services and a virtual childbirth class get a $50 discount!**

Birth Boot Camp
Virtual Hybrid Childbirth Class Options

Virtual Hybrid
Birth Boot Camp: Comprehensive Childbirth Series

If you desire an un-medicated birth, are first-time parents, or are preparing for a VBAC, this class will prepare you on all levels – physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Your 10-week investment includes a total of 25 hours of class time broken in to 10 – 2.5 hour sessions, 3.5 hour video breastfeeding course, and a full color workbook.

Investment $300

Virtual Hybrid
Birth Boot Camp: Training for an Amazing Hospital Birth

Our hospital class is designed for the couple who is planning an amazing hospital birth but wants more than your typical hospital class. More education. More fun. More relaxation and labor practice. More information on interventions, including medicated and cesarean births.

If you want an amazing hospital birth and you want to be able to make informed decisions as birth unfolds, take this class!

Workbook included. This class is 15 hours in total, typically taught over six 2.5 hour sessions.

Investment $200

Virtual Birth Boot Camp: Basic Training

This one-day course is designed for the extra busy couple! Topics covered include basic nutrition and exercise to stay healthy and low-risk, what to expect during labor, epidurals, and cesarean section, coping techniques and comfort measures, and writing a birth plan. The course runs 7 hours with a one-hour lunch break.

Workbook included! Offered online & in-person.

Investment: $200

Virtual Hybrid
Birth Boot Camp: Training for an amazing Out-of-Hospital Birth

If you are planning to have your baby at home or at a freestanding birth center, this class will give you the nuts and bolts of labor. Learn what happens before, during, and after birth, as well as variations of labor. While comfort measures and relaxation are taught in this class series, the “Comfort Measures: Amazing Coping Strategies for Labor” workshop compliments this childbirth class nicely.

Workbook included. Class time 10 hours, typically broken up into four 2.5 hour sessions.

Investment $200

Virtual Hybrid
Birth Boot Camp: Comfort Measures Amazing Coping Strategies for Labor

This workshop is designed to help both partners build confidence for the big day. You’ll take in lots of relaxation, comfort measures, massage, imagery for labor, as well as communication skills for labor. This workshop does not replace a childbirth education course. The beautiful workbook that comes with this workshop is one you’ll want to spend time with for the duration of the pregnancy. It contains artwork and many relaxation and imagery scripts for you to practice. We truly believe that our comfort measure class is valuable far beyond labor. This workshop is about life skills that you will use over and over again. It is also a great add-on to our other classes. Even if you take the 10-part series, these comfort measures and unique relaxation scripts will add to your birth experience.

Workbook included. Class time approximately 4 hours.

Investment $90

Virtual Hybrid
Birth Boot Camp Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit

This is your manual to early parenthood! Topics include breastfeeding (3.5 hour video course included), newborn procedures; babywearing, safe sleep, postpartum topics, and baby comfort techniques to help you and your partner get off to a great start with your new baby.

We know there is lots of information out there about caring for your baby. In fact, it is too much for a new parent to sift through. Beyond that, you need more than a book to learn about caring for your precious new baby. This class arms you with more than skills, it gives you comfort, community, and confidence.

Workbook included. Class time approximately 4 hours. Plus, 3.5 hour breastfeeding video.

Investment $90

Virtual Hybrid
Birth Boot Camp: Reboot Class

This one day refresher course will help to get you prepared for your newest addition to the family. Taking birth boot camp previously is not required, helpful but not required. Every birth is important and should have the same care and attention spent to prepare for it. This class is tailor fitted to fit your needs as a couple to help you for this upcoming birth.

Workbook included. Class time approximately 3 hours.

Investment $90

Virtual Hybrid
Birth Boot Camp: Siblings Class

This one day course will help big brother or sister to get you prepared for your newest addition to the family.

The Virtual Birth Boot Camp Sibling Birth Class includes:

  • The Siblings at Birth Workbook mentioned below.
  • Specially selected birth videos where children are present at the birth of their baby sibling.
  • Instruction and/or games and demos for your child
  • Sounds, facial expressions, and different ways that mom may act in labor
  • Helping families have amazing births is the defining mission behind Birth Boot Camp. We recognize the innate beauty and power of this life-altering event and we want every person in your family to welcome it with joy.

The Birth Boot Camp Sibling Birth Class Workbook includes: Basic information about anatomy and where the baby currently lives. Simple, straightforward, and age-appropriate instruction about the birth process. Tips for your child on what they can pack for the birth in their own bag. Specific tips for you, the parent, on preparing your child for birth. A coloring page about them and the new baby. Activity page about the baby and birth. Tips for how your child can HELP at the birth- we want them to feel special and be useful. Space for them to write or draw their own version of the birth story after the birth siblings at birth class and workbook.

Prepare your children with the Siblings at Birth Class and Workbook!

Class time approximately 1-2 hours.

Investment $45+ $10 for each additional child

Birth Boot Camp Virtual Doula Services

Virtual Package Includes:

  • Free virtual meet the doula to get to know each other
  • One virtual prenatal appointment
  • Unlimited phone, text and/or email support during your pregnancy
  • 24/7 on call availability starting at 38 weeks
  • Birth plan assistance
  • Continuous virtual labor support during your birth
  • Virtual postpartum support (including help with initiating breastfeeding) for 1-2 following the birth
 Investment $600